The excitement of living in the past, at least once in your life


You can immerse yourself in a sea of culture, simply starting from the old town centre (the historic centre of the town) and then reach places of high archaeological importance rich in millenary cultures and ways of life dating back to the past.

Just a few steps from the town centre you can admire the Longonsardo Tower: an old fortification built on the coast in the sixteenth century, that dominates the village and the Strait of Bonifacio.

Just outside the village, Lu Brandali excavation site transports you back 3.000 years as you explore ancient buildings that evoke archaic rites and the daily lives of people who lived in the area thousands of years ago, at the dawn of the Nuragic period.

Lu Brandali: “Read, Touch and Listen” exhibition, specially designed to those with vision impairment, allows adults and children to admire, through a particular tactile and multimedia tour, the history of the distant past. The use of multimedia viewers enables to discover the reconstruction of the hut and the Tomb of the Giants, remaining comfortably seated.

Unforgettable is the unique majesty of the sight of Capo Testa’s granite formations, which can be admired during a historical/botanical guided tour of Cala Grande and the Lighthouse, and the tour of the Roman quarries on the beach at Rena di Levante.